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Here you find the Asian Business & Asian Services of different branches
Here you find the Asian Business
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Pakistani & Indian shops
ASIAN shops & ASIAN offers
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SEARCH e.g jaheez, jewlery
Pakistani & Indian shops
ASIAN shops & ASIAN offers
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SEARCH e.g jaheez, jewlery
Pakistani & Indian shops
ASIAN shops & ASIAN offers
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SEARCH e.g jaheez, jewlery
Pakistani & Indian shops
ASIAN shops & ASIAN offers
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SEARCH e.g jaheez, jewlery
Pakistani & Indian shops
ASIAN shops & ASIAN offers
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Home / About us » Welcome
Welcome Photo
Welcome to AsianBazar24
AsianBazar24 is a plateform for Asian-Community living abroad: You are asian and searching for a “Travel Agency”, you are arranging wedding and looking for “Marriage Halls, Jewelry Shops, Bridal Clothes Shops...etc”, you have language problem and looking for "Lawyers" or “Doctor” of your own language, you are looking for “Jobs”, you have car accident and looking for “Accident Claim Company, Accident Evaluator or Insurance”. Here you find the collection of asian businesses, shops and services of Asian people specially for Asian-Community.
Your success is our business
AsianBazar24 is a webportal for 24hour online marketing for an Asian businessmen, either you are a shopkeeper, whole saler or professional where you can present your services and products.    Here you can advertise your sales and offers which is eaisly to find online 24 Hours a week for a commen internet users.

For all asian internet users asianbazar24 provides you a collection of different shops, products and services of your interests specially in your language and in your city.
Our Features
01. Asian Marriage Preparations
02. Sales and offers
03. Asian Restaurant / Foodshops
04. Asian Business Branches
05. Skills and Services
06. Sample contract letters
07. Advertise your business
Featured Offers
Advantages which you can get here: AsianBazar24 present to all asian users the oppertunity to find your favourite asian shop, asian restaurant and services of asian languages like Urdu, Hindi and punjabi. If you are searching a jewlery shop, bridal wear, wedding halls, catering service and all related this you can find here. AsianBazar24 also have an oppertunity to download the common official letter samples e.g you want to cancell of contract etc.
Jaheez & Marriage preparation
demo_pic Royal Jewellers Frankfurt
demo_pic Samina's Kosmetik Salon
demo_pic Shaadi Hall Harheim
demo_pic Bela-Boutique Frankfurt
Kaiserstr. 64
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Asian Restaurant & Shops
demo_pic Lahore Kebab Haus Frankfurt
demo_pic Bajwa Asian Foods Gross Gerau
demo_pic Punjab Sweet House
demo_pic Kahloon Fine Asian Food
Services in Asian Languages
demo_pic Dolmetscherbüro Zafar
demo_pic KFZ-Gutachter Qamar Frankfurt
demo_pic ABAN International Reisen
0163 7860022 Hr.Zafar
demo_pic Büro Thile - Versicherungen
Sales & Offers
demo_pic Kahloon Fine Asian Food Goddelau
06158 9178080
demo_pic Shaheen Reisen Darmstadt
Cheap Airticket/Ferry Offer UK
Cheap air tickets to ASIA
demo_pic Z&K Sports
Großhandel Cricket etc.
Home / About us » Welcome » News & Events
News & Events
News and communications connect you as a BUYER and SELLER with eachother: AsianBazar24 always try to update you about the new reduced items sales and offers of asians via different ways of fast communications, like Twitter and Facebook which share the people with eachother. You can also be inform new, latest and reduced items to lot of other asians who also searching such items daily via internet, and at the same time you can also get informations from other memebers which post on our Twitter, Facebook webportals.
Asianbazar24 Newsletter
Get intouch with the latest offers via our newslatter: Due to fastest and easy way, we choosed these internet media to expand the different items which our asian community offering. As you send us newsletter request via E-Mail, we add you in our newsletter's members and send you the current offers of those SELLERS who given us their current informations about their sale and offers. We add some news to inform you about the situation of market or we add some general informations for you.

Read, forward, communicate and get advantages from different news and share them via our facebook and twitter accounts with others.

Our Features
01. Facebook.com/AsianBazar24
02. twitter.com/AsianBazar24
03. www.xing.com/AsianBazar24
Read NewsPapers online
Read some of the popular English or Urdu newspapers here: AsianBazar24 provides you some of the most popular newspapers in English or Urdu languages Newspaper links. Where you can read them online on your computer to come to konw about the current news and other national and international affairs.
Urdu newspaper's websites
demo_pic Roznama Jang
Daily Jang ePaper
demo_pic Roznama Nawaiwaqt
Nawaiwaqt Newspaper
demo_pic Akhbar-e-jehan
Weekly magazine Akhbar-e-jehan
demo_pic Newspaper's List
Many other newspapers
English newspaper's websites
demo_pic DAWN.COM
DAWN Newspaper
demo_pic The Nation
The Nation on Web
demo_pic The News
The News International
demo_pic BBC News
BBC southasia news
Urdu Magazines
demo_pic Urduspot Magazine
demo_pic Aanchal
Read "Aanchal" and "Naay Ufq"
demo_pic Mahnama Phool
Child's Magazin "Phool"
demo_pic Jadeed Adab
Some other newspapers
demo_pic Roznama Express
demo_pic Roznama khabrain
demo_pic Roznama Ausaaf
demo_pic Roznama Jasarat
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Home / About us » Welcome » Multimedia / iPhone / TV
Multimedia / iPhone / TV
Multimedia technology connect and updated you fastly everytime and anywhere: There are lots of mobile and multimedia Products like iPhone, iPad and such type of technologal Items which updates you every time with usefull things as according to your interests. Here, we are trying to update you with useful new technology of the Multimedia-World, by this way, you can update yourself and get different type of advantages to make your life easier and more efficient by saving time and money.

You can visit AsianBazar24 also on such type of multimedia/internet devices which are connected with internet.

AsianBazar24 aap for iPhone
iPhone aap for AsianBazar24 is our next step: Most of the people of our "Asian Community" know the advantages of iPhone apps, due to this interest and advantages our next step is to provide an app where you will be able to search all the AsianBazar24 shop's list near your city or where every you want to search will be available. By this way you will be able to find such contacts which you always want to search near you. Our goal is to advertise the shops and offers of our Asians via internet to the common public who don't know how to find shops.

Selected iPhone apps
01. Aboalarm: Contract Cancellation
02. Gehaltsrechner: Net/Gross salary
03. Currency: Convert Currency
04. T-Banking: Your Bank/s Status
05. Bollywood Hindi Songs
06. A nice weather clock
07. iPhone Life magazine
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Baba & Son Media
Baba & Son a popular name Online Multimedia, Design and Print technology company, where you can consult about your online and print design. You will get a professional feedback on different technology of medien world e.g Online "web, domains, Mobile technologies, connection of mobile and web" and Print "Prospect, flyer, logo design, etc."
Web / Online
demo_pic Website Development
Website, Logo, Graphics
demo_pic Domain Name www...
Domain registeration and setting
demo_pic Mobile Phone Technology
QR-Code Making and Placement
demo_pic Mobile and Web
Mobile based websites
Print / Flyer / Design
demo_pic Print advertisments
Flyer design, Visiting cards, CI
demo_pic Logos and Brandings
Logo design, Company advertisement
demo_pic Poster Design
Poster desing, Company marketing
demo_pic Presentations
Company presentations
Mobile Technologies
demo_pic QR Code Specialist
QR Code development
demo_pic Mobile Advertisment
Mobile based websites
demo_pic Restaurant Flyer Mobile
Flyer connect with Mobile
demo_pic Advertisment consultancy
Marketing Suggestions
Database and Office Solutions
demo_pic MS Access Database
Small database solutions
demo_pic Excel Solutions
Office based excel solutions
demo_pic Graphics & Logo Design
Logo, Banner, Fyler Designs
demo_pic Advertisments
Marketing and Advertisments
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Home / About us» Welcome » Improve your Business
Improve your Business
Online advertisement "7 Days a week and 24 Hours a day" is a fastest and modern way of advertisement: Popularity via advertisement is the main key to improve any business, either you are running a pizza shop, foodstore, import/export business or you offering services as a doctor, lawyer etc, your business require popularity. AsianBazar24 gives you possibility to advertise your shop, sales, services and offers for people who are looking for Asian items and want to contact you and communicate in their own language. All those people who are daily visiting our AsianBazar24 web portal find your sales, services and offers and can reach to you eaisly via internet 24 hours and 7 days a week from all over the world.
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Advertise your business online
Modern, Fast and Easy way to expand your sale and services: Small companies growing faster via online advertisment, and bigger companies openning their branches in other cities and countries. By investing little amount of money for online advertisment can give you 10 times more business. Advertisement money is generally also able to getback from the Tax-Offices. Newsletter is an advertisement of your sales and services via E-Mail directly to the people in their email accounts. AsianBazar24 is expert in all these advertisment metters to expand your business.
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Our Features
01. Asian Online Business Directory
02. 24 Hours and 7 Days a week online
03. Your Newsletter advertisment
04. Sales & Offers online advertisment
05. Your own online webpresentation
06. Banner and Graphics advertisement
07. Business improvement consultancy
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Become a successful businessman
Make your dream real by starting your own business in different fields of life: If you are looking to start your own business, you can visit under given web links where you can get information what type of business you can start. If you are looking for Business Partner of different type of fields you may find the right contact through AsianBazar24.
Qualities of Businessman
demo_pic Vision
Target focusing
demo_pic Knowledge
Collect the knowledge
demo_pic Enough is enough
Small but confirm reslts
demo_pic Couraget
Yes i can...
Popular Personalities
demo_pic Jack Welch
Manager of the Century
demo_pic Steve Jobs
Co-founder of Apple
demo_pic Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama II
demo_pic Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel 17.07.54
Greate Businessmen
demo_pic Jack Welch
Manager of the Century
demo_pic Steve Jobs
Co-founder of Apple
demo_pic Sir Richard Bransont
Tubular Bells
demo_pic Sam Walton
worldwide Wal-Mart chain
Lucky people
demo_pic Bill Gates
Microsoft Co-Founder
demo_pic Donald Trump
Real estate Billionaire
demo_pic Henry Ford
Founder of the Ford Motor Company
demo_pic Li Ka Shing
Very successfull person...
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Home / About us » Welcome » Urdu
Welcome Photo
Today's Successful Asian Jan/Dec 2014  
AsianBazar24 presents yearly a successful ASIAN person:
Mrs. Salma Jafri a very talented, hardworking and popular asian business woman who started her Online-Business some years ago and now she is running on the crest of success.

Sitting in Pakistan without any big investment she improved her business in such a way that now she is owing her company and getting lot of foreign orders from all over the world.

Just visit her urdu interview on You-Tube.
URDU Interview on youtube »
We promote successful Asians
Your skills can make you successful every where in the world:
You have to know how to use your skills in a proper way to make yourself a successful person.

AsianBusiness24 present successful Asian persons who achieved great success in their life. Furthermore we provides you lot of weblinks, youtube video links and text material to build up your motivation to success. If you feel that you are a successful person in any field and you belong to Asia, we can present you on our portal.

Feel free to contact us through our feedback form or send us E-Mail at info (at) asianbazar24.com, we will reply you very soon.
Contact us »
Start business tips
01. Online Business with Google
02. Start business with short amount
03. Make Money Online
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Mrs. Salma Jafri - 2014
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